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March 1, 2015
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on Sunday March 1st we had a good crew to work the woods.  The sun came out about 11am so was just nice enough to get things done.  the temperature was in the mid 20's but sunny.  We worked in the woods from about 11:30 to 3:30.      vinnie, Brandon & boys finished up the home woods spiles,    Mike and Eric worked on the Harmon Woods disposable spiles - just a line or two left on the  south side.  Brent, Brad, Kevin and myself put in the new 400' black line and also redid the tube  lines east of the slough.  The black line will be a big improvement to increase the sap flow from that section.  Pittman better have 2 trucks ready this year.  Jim bought another 1000 clear spiles so we have them on hand.   Next weekend we will plan to putin the 2 Patnode Valley tanks and drain line. Plus finish connecting the tube lines to the new black line.   Things are lining up to tap the weekend of March 14th. Jim got a text from Jeff Hartung putting out a call for all tappers this coming weekend.  i would think it will be tough tapping frozen trees though.  A Dan Bauer stopped to pickup 2 gallons late afternoon plus chilkoot took $192 worth and CHC $321 this past week.  Stockholm gardens wants to place an order so we are getting low on syrup. We will start working next saturday as soon as it's above 25 degrees.
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Feb 7. 2015. Weather Forecast by Bruce
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After looking at extended forecasts from the great silver ball, it looks as though Sat the 14th we will start drilling. Save the date and plan accordingly for all weekend. The weather looks good for 3 weeks or more in a row Check tool pouch for provisions,  hammer, knife,pliers, small visegrip, need new box of smaller nails , I have a rollof  8 rolls of tape to hand out . new blades for knifes are hanging in dads garage on west wall, batteries need to be charged,bits are the only thing I am unsure of how many we have andneed , If the weather changes it could be sooner or later but right now I think the 14th   Bruce

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February 7 in the woods
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The weather warmed up today so Dave, Brent, Quinn, Kevin, Mike and Bruce Weiss headed to the Harmon Woods to start changing/redoing the original tubing lines that were put in in 1999.  We are replacing the drop lines - increasing the length to 33 inches and using clear disposable spiles.  Our plan  is to replace about 500 - 700  drops and then continue to changeover the entire woods.   In 2014 we redid the Home Woods 1100 taps and sap production increased over 2x.  The snow was about 5-6 inches deep and not packed down or had a crust so it was easy to walk in the woods.  We probably did about 200 drops so it was a good start.  While we did the work in the woods the President of WW SYRUP  LLC stayed back on the farm and continued to make more drops.  I guess he wants to make sure we have drops to keep going.  We worked from about 9am to 3pm.  Last week the treasurer visited the tax preparer so all 11 members will be receiving their K1’s shortly.   This is the first full year operating under the Weiss Woods Of Plum Creek Syrup LLC business rules so everything is off to a good start.     

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The Pre Season Starts
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I put on 296 clear disposable spiles in the home woods which took about 3 hrs. I used the tubing tool to put them on.  If anyone else is going to do this you better have a pliers or vise grip.  The tools are needed to pull the drops off the tee for the Flexible blue line (lite blue line is easy to remove). The north draw along the road is all completed.  There was a few holes in the lines but overall everything is in great shape.  I was surprised that there was 3-4 inches of snow with deeper drifts on the west side of the draw.   Based on doing 100 drops per hour we have about 7 hrs left to finish the home woods and probably 5 hours in the harmon woods. Over the next month we also need to make about 2-300 more drops which are needed to redo the SE corner of the Harmon Woods.
On Friday I reviewed the income/expense files with our tax accountant.  We were the first business using google docs and he is okay with all of the entries and just filing for the Weiss Woods Syrup business. Once you get our K1's then the plan is for everyone to receive 50% of the total K1 in a distribution.
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